Speak English to Learn English

When I was a child, I remembered I used to pronounce “Environment” as – envy-ron-ment” so that the I remember the spelling as well. One day, my teacher heard me saying it in school assembly and immediately corrected it. It was embarrassing. But the one-on-one feedback helped me immediately correct it and it stayed with me.

“30 students in a classroom. 40 min Spoken English teaching period a week. Teacher speaks for 15-20min and students possibly for 5-10 min. If a child doesn’t even get substantial time to speak to English and feedback at the right time, how is it possible to sharpen the English speaking skills. “

We all have seen the “Only English Speaking” rules being imposed on children from time to time. This is done in an effort to increase the child’s speaking time and thereby speaking abilities. The upside is the child speaks English, the downside – the errors keep getting carried forward. Because there is no feedback loop to correct errors.

ClassKlap brings to you “The Communicative English” in the ClassKlap Learning App! Child can now speak into the app and get real-time feedback on


  1. Fluency
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Errors





The best part, all of this is a GAME so the child can have fun while also learning to speak English!

This engine is powered by Carnegie Mellon University and brought to you in collaboration with PlayAblo.


Happy Learning!

Team ClassKlap


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